Designed to be mobile, durable and practical, ALPOD utilizes precision engineering and aeronautical technologies to bring you the future of modern living.

Every aspect of ALPOD, from the space-age aluminum exterior to the minimalistic interior, has been designed with flexibility in mind. As a result, the ALPOD can easily be set up in any environment. The modern internal living space adapts to serve as a home, office, shop, café as well as exhibition space.

The ALPOD’s sustainable features make it hugely highly economical. Due to its light and durable components it requires little to no maintenance, as well as being energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

With a design that adapts well to a wide range of different conditions, ALPOD has been used in numerous
different ways since it was created. The application of advanced technologies coupled with its impressive
mobility means that ALPOD can be implemented by businesses looking to employ the unit as office space,
café/bar, mobile showroom, studio and pop-up store. ALPOD has also been introduced for residential purposes
at holiday resorts, motor home campsites, and private country clubs.
In the future we envision ALPOD units will be stacked one on top of another, redefining metropolitan
architectural landscape, as well as changing how future cities will evolve.
ALPOD’s structural strength and adaptability mean that split-level designs can be used to build a tower of
ALPOD’s that will be utilized to create stylish, futuristic looking buildings. If necessary, ALPOD units could be
relocated in ALPOD towers depending on each owners individual needs.